Saturday, November 15, 2014

The New Socialist Gun Review Issue is Out - Fighting the Police State Edition

The Socialist Gun Review supports the people of Ferguson! All power to the people!

The Fighting the Police State Edition special issue of the Socialist Gun Review is available to download on PDF here:
Gun News & Current Events - PAGES 4 –6
The Revolution will be Organized - PAGE 7
Message from the Black Riders Liberation Party – PAGE 11
Know your Rights – PAGE 16
The Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party – PAGE 18
Black Open Carry Protesters – PAGE 20
The Legendary TT-33 – PAGE 23
Revolutionary Organizations on the other side of the razor wire – PAGE 25
Its Raining Pigs Rats and Moles! – PAGE 27
Toward a Socialist Militia – PAGE 37
Excerpts from A Primer to Police Crowd Control Tactics and Firearms – PAGE 40
How to Properly Open Carry –  PAGE 49
Guns, Sisters, Guns – PAGE 51