Wednesday, February 1, 2012


MOSCOW -During the Cold War, the capitalist powers promised a world of peace, democracy and prosperity – if only ―freedom-loving‖ people could be rid of those dirty commies. Over twenty years has passed since the collapse of the so-called Soviet Bloc, but the promises of capitalism have fallen flat. Through-out the world there has been an increase in war, poverty, mass exploitation and hunger. In Russia, specifically, the post- Communist era has witnessed a rise in government corruption, less democratic accountability, and mafia lawlessness as opponents to “big government” remove regulatory protections in business. As result, the Russian opposition parties, almost entirely led by communists are making a resurgence and are doing so at the ballot box.
In March, 2012, the communists will put their resurgent electoral power to the test against incumbent Vladimir Putin. In recent elections, the Communist Party‘s support was clear, as it won an additional 35 seats in the Russian legislature. The Communist Party rise, from 57 to 92 seats, clearly indicates that much of what we in the West think we know about Soviet Communism was patently false.
Newly declassified records expose disinformation campaigns showing British, German and – to a lesser extent – US intelligence deliberately fabricating rumors about ―atrocities‖ committed in the former USSR. As noted in several recent studies of Cold War propaganda, several Western intelligence services deliberately produced mistranslations of Marxist writings as well as total fabrications of crimes allegedly committed by Joseph Stalin. One such book, Robert Conquest‘s The Great Terror: Stalin’s Purges of the Thirties, was written by freelance authors in the employ of anti-communist intelligence services. Other ―investigations‖ were later published by front companies controlled by intelligence agencies. Furthermore, based on the resurgence of Communist parties throughout Russia and Europe, it is becoming increasingly clear that the people of the United States have certainly been subjected to erroneous information and outright lies about Marxist socialism.
The recent, democratic resurgence of support for Russian Communism is also exposing the myth that Communism is anti-democratic. In fact, there are rumors of election fraud indicating that the Communists quite possibly had even more support than indicated in the election results. Ironically, the tactics currently being used in the US to manipulate electoral districts in the favor of conservative candidates and implementing discouraging ID practices for voters are amongst the allegations, according to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe‘s International Election Observer Mission.
According to Western observers, the pro-capitalist government of Russia, particularly under Putin, has interfered with and, wherever possible, prevent NGOs from observing their elections. According to the website Golos, considered to be the Wikileaks for voting fraud, Putin‘s United Russia Party has gone so far as to physically intimidate voters in its efforts to suppress Communists.

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