Tuesday, May 1, 2012


District of Oklahoma

To: All members of the CPUSA and YCLUSA                           
      in the District of Oklahoma                                                                  
From: J. Shepherd,
          CPUSA Organizer for the District of Oklahoma

Date: May 1, 2012

Subject: Creation of Public Relations Coordinator (PRC) Staff Position

Position Description: The PRC is responsible for ensuring the timely preparation of materials requested by the District Coordinating Committee’s Strategic Communications Director (SCD) for the achievement of the organization’s quarterly objectives. In addition, the PRC is encouraged to take personal initiative in cultivating new materials, recruiting any additional assistance or personal staff that may be required.

Note: This is a voluntary non-paid position.

Primary Responsibilities will include:

· Preparation of Press Releases;
· Preparation of the Oklahoma Workers' Monthly and other publications;
· Arrangement of the production of the Oklahoma Workers’ Monthly and other publications;
· Planning for and execution of circulation of the Oklahoma Workers’ Monthly and other publications;
· The development of staff writers and columnists;
· The solicitation of subscriptions and advertisers;
· The collection of all monies received from subscriptions and advertisements;
· The secure delivery of all monies received from subscriptions and advertisements to the SCD;
· Providing quarterly reports on the circulation of publications, subscriptions, feedback from member and non-member readership, and other information relevant to the improvement of quality and efficiency of the Party’s District publications.

Secondary and Supplementary Responsibilities may include:
· Cultivation of writers, graphic artists, painters, musicians, designers, film-makers, poets, performers and other culture workers, both members and fellow-travelers, for media and publications, and;
· organization of public events and educational forums.

For more information, or to submit applications or questions to the Coordinating Committee at the –email address below. Please title the subject of e-mail inquiries, “RE: PRC Staff Position.”

Thanks and comradely regards,
J. Shepherd
Communist Party, USA
District of Oklahoma

L. Black
Digital Media Coordinator
Coordinating Committee
Communist Party, USA
District of Oklahoma

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